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Aug 28 2008

Buddy Session – Meghan & Laura

Published by Jan under senior

I LOVE buddy sessions! Basically they are grab your best friend and have both sessions at the same time! I offer $15 off each of the seniors session fee and both get a FREE 5×7 of the both of them. Sessions are a lot of fun cuz if your BF can’t make you laugh who can???

Meghan and Laura have been friends since before kindergarten so it was only natural that they wanted to have their senior pictures done together. Even though it was pouring in Elburn and their moms thought the session would have to be rescheduled, the weather in St. Charles was picture perfect for photos – overcast, not too hot or humid, and not too windy. We went to Mt. St. Mary Park for the session and used the colorful murals at Jalapeno Grille Restaurant.

And with the end of summer upon us, I  processed this image with a vintagy-honey type feel to it.

Enjoy your senior year girls!!

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Aug 24 2008

{sneak peek – Max}

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We had to schedule Max’s session around football practices since the team practices all summer.  We wanted to have it done by the time school started but he wanted his football jersey in the pictures so we managed to get the session in 2 days before school started and in-between 2 a day practices – whew!  We had a lot of fun at the field with his football gear but the sun was blinding on the bleachers.  I think you’ll be pleased with what we got Max!

And don’t worry not all the session revolved around football.  We had a lot of shots in casual clothes at his house and my favorite barn.

Max doesn’t know where he will be attending college but plans to study exercise science in hopes of becoming a physical therapist.  Enjoy your senior year Max and GO ROCKETS!!!

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Aug 13 2008

{softball player}

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Jess is a softball player.  She lives and breathes it.  She plays pretty much all-year long (and in IL that’s HARD to do!).  So naturally for her senior portrait session she wanted to incorporate her love for the game.   We had a lot of fun up at the high school field with various gear and the great blue walls in the dugout.


But although Jess had her game face on for her softball pics her other half of her session was done at her home farm where we got tons of shot of the barn, her truck, fences, corn, trees, & porch.  And although she says she doesn’t like to smile in pictures I managed to get a few with her gorgeous smile that just lights up her whole face especially her beautiful brown eyes.  She hopes to study exercise science at Oregon State next year and become a physical therapist.  Enjoy your senior year Jess, and good luck on the softball field this year.

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Aug 11 2008

{sneak peek – Brooke}

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We had quite the adventure with Brooke’s session!  Her original session had to be rescheduled due to rain and then the keys got locked in her car (with ALL her outfit changes!!!)  In spite of all of this – the session went wonderfully.  Her session was on the gorgous grounds at Sun City in Huntley, IL.   Brooke is a natural in front of the camera and with the wide array of natural beauty – from the flowers to the trees to the ponds and waterfalls we had a great time.   Brooke is an ’08 graduate and will be attending school at Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville to study nursing.  I hope you love your portraits Brooke even if you only had 2 outfit changes!


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Aug 04 2008

{Kim & Kyle – sister & brother}

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Kim is an ’08 graduate and Kyle is a ’09 senior.  They are both big soccer players so we started our session at the soccer field at Plato Park.  We then moved on to Muirhead Bed & Breakfast where we go a great variety of shots with the barns, grain bins and the beautiful grounds.  Kim will be attending college at Missouri Southern State in Joplin, MO where she will play goalie for the soccer team.  Kyle will play on the varsity team for Burlington Central.  Best of luck to both of you!


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Aug 02 2008

{3 sisters}

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I had the opportunity to photograph these 3 sisters and their families in celebration of their parents 50th wedding anniversary. The session was held in Mt. Saint Mary park in St. Charles. The children had the most fun at the end of the session when they got to explore and dip their feet in the pond! Amy, Laura, & LeighAnn – I hope your folks LOVE the pictures and thank you for the honor of photographing your family. 50 years is indeed reason for celebration. Congratulations to your parents!

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