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Apr 30 2009

{sneak peek – Kirby}

Published by Jan under senior

Kirby’s session was held at Sun City in Huntley.  We had a windy, sunny day and Kirby’s long, gorgeous, blond hair had the natural, wind-blown look going!  Kirby’s favorite color is yellow and with the yellow forsythia in bloom and a new yellow umbrella prop she was a beautiful model!  She even had her finger and toes painted YELLOW!!!

Hope you like your sneak peek!  Your full gallery will be online in a couple of days.

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Apr 27 2009

{sneak peek – Reiley}

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Reiley graduated in December and is working this semester in anticipation of college in the fall. She is planning on attending University of Iowa and studying pre-law. Her session was held at Mt. Saint Mary’s park in St. Charles. We had a wonderful spring day but the wind was blowing. Reiley has the most gorgeous eyes and smile, but I LOVED her intense, serious side. I’d hate to have her cross-examine me in a court of law!

We also went and used the colorful hand-painted walls of the mexican restaurant. They make for a great background!

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Apr 23 2009

{sneak peek – Brett}

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Brett’s senior portrait session was held on a beautiful spring day at Lords Park in Elgin. Brett grew up in that area, so he spent a lot of time as a youngster playing in the park. Of course, his mom has more memories of it than Brett did! It is a gorgeous park with the historic mansion on the grounds, and the trees and the water. We had fun just walking around taking pictures everywhere. Brett even changed outfits quite a few times.

A kind of grunged-up snowboard shot.

And since Brett likes his shoes, we decided to use them in a creative way with his snowboard and spelled out 09.  Its a great year and I hope you are enjoying your senior year.  Enjoy prom this weekend and your full gallery will be online soon!

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Apr 16 2009

{sneak peek – Emily}

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Yeah – I think spring is FINALLY here!  This was my first senior session of the spring and it felt great to be outside shooting again!  We did the session at Judson University in Elgin.  Emily will be attending college at Judson in the fall to study elementary education.  They have such a beautiful campus.  There is not any flowers blooming or leaves on the trees yet, but it was still beautiful with the green grass, trees, creeks, gazebos, and historic buildings.  I had so many favorites from this session it was hard to pick a couple to post here!


And I know how hard it was for Emily to be serious (I think she always has a smile on her face!) but I think we pulled it off here. 

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Apr 10 2009

{3 cousins}

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Three children under 2 is HARD!!!  But I think I got a few goods ones of the cousins together and a LOT of cute individual ones!

And since Easter is right around the corner we decided to use the EASTER BUNNY aka Mr. Fluffles in some pictures!

Chase wasn’t too interested in the bunny, but…we decided to get him out of his clothes and boy did we get the smiles then!!!

And then a cute one with the Easter chicks!

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