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Oct 31 2009

{sneak peek – Kevin}

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Kevin’s session was held at Muirhead Farmhouse Bed and Breakfast and at the high school football field.  The football field was locked up but luckily the x-country team had just gotten back from a meet and the coach was able to unlock the gates so we could get some football pictures in the stands and by the field.

Kevin had lots of ideas for pictures and we used his car, his football gear and even his mom in the pictures!  Hope you like your sneak peek Kevin – you full gallery will be up in a day or two!



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Oct 28 2009

{sneak peek – Corryn}

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I’m glad we finally got Corryn session in after having to reschedule twice for rain! But the fall colors were at their peak for her session at Sun City in Huntley. So even though it was a hassle watching the weather and hoping to get the session in, Corryn we had the perfect day for your session!

Corryn is a senior at Huntley High School. She is a gorgeous, sweet girl who is involved in a lot of extra-curricular activities at school including National Honor Society, Big Brother-Big Sister Organization among others. She is hoping to attend Loyola University and major in psychology or education.

Corryn had such bright, fun clothes and even brought her little dog along to the session! Hope you like your sneak peek Corryn!




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Oct 23 2009

{sneak peek – Megan}

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Can I just say I LOVE fall’s colors!!!  Granted this fall has been anything but normal but Megan’s session was held at Sun City in Huntley and the colors were magnificent!  The bright red of the burning bushes, to the oranges of the maples and the yellows of a lot of the bushes there is no better time than fall for pictures.  Megan’s choice in clothes was fun & funky and complimented the surroundings perfectly!  Hope you like your sneak peek Megan!

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Oct 21 2009

{sneak peek – Cameron}

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I was excited when Cameron’s mom called to schedule his senior session because I had done his older brother Alex’s session 2 years ago and remembered how gorgeous their property was.  Cameron’s session was done on their property and also at the soccer fields at Stonecrest since he is a member of the varsity soccer team.  His brother was home so he was in on the session as was his dog, Coconut.   Cameron is planning on attending Eckard College in Florida along with his brother.  Hope you like your sneak peek Cameron!


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Oct 16 2009

{sneak peek – Joe”

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Joe’s session was held at Burnidge Forest Preserve in rural Kane County.  It was a very chilly 38 degrees when we started the session.  Joe is a member of the varsity cross country and track team so he wanted pictures with his uniform on.  I think he was freezing because he said he is not used to just standing around in his uniform – he is always running!

Burnidge forest preserve is the home track for the varsity team so Joe knew all the trails and the spots that would be good for pictures.  He has run all the trails for meets as well as practices.  He is also an avid tri-athlete (running, biking and swimming) so he brought his bike along for the session also.  That was a lot of fun!

Joe is hoping to atttend North Central College and study exercise science and run on their x-country/track team.  After the session Joe’s mom had hot chocolate for us.  How sweet is that????  Best of luck Joe!  I admire your endurance and stamina!

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Oct 03 2009

{sneak peek – Nic}

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Nic’s 1st session was rained out and the 2nd session it looked like rain but we managed to get it in between the raindrops!  The good thing was I was able to capture some crazy-looking skies to go along with the senior portraits!  Nic’s session was held at Muirhead Farm Bed & Breakfast in rural Plato Center (thats kind of an oxymoron – all of Plato Center is rural!).  Nic is an honor roll student who has a huge smile and infectious laugh, so there was a lot of laughter during the session with him & his mom. 

Nic is planning on studying civil engineering in college and is busy getting all his college aplications in.  He is into running big time and is a member of the cross country team and long distances on the track team.  He brought all his track shoes along (his mom says he never throws out a pair – ha) so we had a lot of fun with them as well.  Hope you like your sneak peek Nic!

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Oct 01 2009

{sneak peek – Micaela}

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Gorgeous name – gorgeous young lady! Micaela is a senior at Kaneland High School. Her session was in her beautiful landscaped yard in Sugar Grove and also at a bridge at the local bike trail. We had the perfect day for photographs – cloudy, not too windy, not too cold. Perfect! The session was a lot of fun with a lot of laughter with her mom, many clothing changes, and her alpha “designer mutt” fur baby joining in for some portraits also! Micaela is planning on attending Illinois State University next fall with an undeclared major. Hope you enjoy your sneak peek Micaela!


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