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Sep 23 2010

Fun, Fun Family

Published by Jan under family

Most photographers are worried when they have a session that includes 3 adult/teen boys.  Will it be hard to get them to look natural in photos?  Will it be hard to get them to smile?  Will it just be … awkward???  As you can see from this “out-take” collage – I didn’t have any thing to worry about!

This was the most laid-back, fun-loving family!  I was literally exhausted from all the laughing I did at this session!  The session was held in their gorgeous yard in Naperville.  Both Terri & Don enjoy gardening and yard work and their yard shows it!  It was wonderful to be able to re-connect with this family that I haven’t seen in over 15 years.  You have a wonderful, loving family and I hope you cherish these portraits for a long time!  Thank you!

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