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Nov 21 2010

Kristen ’11

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Kristen’s session was held on 2 separate days because after about 15 minutes on the 1st day the skies opened up and it started pouring – complete with thunder and lightening!  We went to Mount St. Mary’s park in St. Charles.  Luckily the 2nd session the weather was MUCH better!  I photographed Kristen’s older sister Megan when she was a senior, so it was fun catching up with Kristen’s mom and hearing about Megan’s plans.

Kristen is a senior at Kaneland High School.  Here are some interesting facts about her that you may not know -

 3 things people would be surprised to learn about you

- it bothers me when people eat off my plate

- always get bloody noses

- I’ve never broken a bone

3 things you couldn’t live without

- my cell phone

- my family/boyfriend Kyle


Fav movie or book

Movie – The Dark Knight

I have NEVER…

been outside the country

3 pet peeves

- when people’s tags stick out of their shirt

- when people play with their gum

3 foods for a year, what would they be?

- french fries

- chicken tenders

- almonds

If you won the lottery, what would you buy first?

an Audi R8i

If you could ask one person (dead or alive) 1 question – who would you ask and what would you ask them?

Jodi Picoult – where in the world do you get ideas for all of your books?

If I had 24 hours to live, I would…

spend it with the people I love.

Fav class or teacher in HS. Why?

Mr. Green – because he’s hilarious!

What are your after graduation plans?

Attend a 4 year university and to attend law school!

Would you rather 

never watch TV again                 - or - never use the internet again

be able to read everyone’s mind  - or -  always know the future

get caught with your fly unzipped- or – get caught singing in the car

always lose                               - or -   never play

Here are some of Kristen’s favorites from her session!


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