Nov 19 2012

Kevin ’13 – Burlington Central High School

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Kevin’s session was held on a gorgeous fall day at Fabyan Forest Preserve in Batavia.  I did his sister’s senior pictures a couple of years ago, so it was nice re-connecting with his mom.  Kevin has gorgeous blue eyes and only wears his glasses part-time, so we took images with and without glasses.  Here is some trivia about Kevin:

3 things people would be surprised to learn about you:

- I have a brain disorder called ACC

- going on fast roller coasters

3 things you couldn’t live without:

- video games

- my family

- my friends

Fav movie or book

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

I have NEVER…

traveled to Ireland

3 pet peeves:

- people who walk slow in the halls

- people bragging

- people who choose graphics over game play

3 foods for a year, what would they be?

- elbow macaroni

- chicken tacos

- pizza

If you won the lottery, what would you buy first?

A fast car

If you could ask one person (dear or alive) 1 question – who would you ask and what would you ask them?

J.G. Quintel.  He’s the creator of the Regular Show.  What inspired you to create the show?

If I had 24 hours to live, I would

Play the song It’s the End of the World As We Know It by REM

Fav class or teacher in HS. Why?

Chorus.  It’s fun to sing.

What are your after graduation plans?

Go to ECC, then to a 4 year college and then get a job
And then a couple “would you rather” just because they are fun!

Would you rather

never use the internet again

X never watch TV again

Would you rather

X never play

- always lose

Would you rather

X get caught singing in the car

- get caught with your fly unzipped

Would you rather

- be able to read everyone’s mind

X always know the future

And some of his favorite images!

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