Nov 20 2012

Stefan ’13 – Burlington Central High School

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I did Stefan & his twin sister Nicole as a joint session.  We did the indoor session 1st and then had to reschedule the outdoor session due to rain.  The outdoor session was held on a very (and I mean very) windy day at Muirhead Farmhouse in rural Plato Center.  Stefan is very involved with Boy Scouts – in fact he is an EAGLE SCOUT! So naturally he wanted to incorporate his uniform in the pictures.  Here is some interesting info about Stefan:

3 things people would be surprised to learn about you:

- I have earned over twice the number of merit badges required to become an Eagle Scout.

3 things you couldn’t live without:

- my computer

Fav movie or book

The Last Olympian

I have NEVER…

gone bungee jumping or eaten fish

3 pet peeves:

- people wasting my time

3 foods for a year, what would they be?

- peanut butter and jelly

- yogurt

- hamburgers

If you won the lottery, what would you buy first?

my own private island

If you could ask one person (dear or alive) 1 question – who would you ask and what would you ask them?

I would ask A. Einstein what does it take to be successful?

If I had 24 hours to live, I would

do as many things as possible

Fav class or teacher in HS. Why?

Physics – because I have been waiting so long to take it

What are your after graduation plans?

Currently thinking about Michigan Tch and majoring in Physics
And then a couple “would you rather” just because they are fun!

Would you rather

never use the internet again

X never watch TV again

Would you rather

- never play

X always lose

Would you rather

X be able to read everyone’s mind

- always know the future

And some of his favorite images!

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