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Nov 21 2014

Carly ’15 Streamwood High School

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Carly’s session was held on a beautiful fall day! (after having to get rescheduled 2 time due to the weather) We started at Muirhead’s Farmhouse in rural Plato Center, traveled to the gorgeous landscaped grounds at Runde’s Landscape and finished up at the studio in Burlington. Here is a little bit about Carly!

3 things people would be surprised to learn about you
1) I’ve been playing hockey for 8 years.
2) I named my dog after Lizzie Mcguire (Disney tv star)
3) my age because I look much younger than I am.

3 things you couldn’t live without
1) my dog
2) hockey
3) my family

Fav movie or book
Any John Greene books and the Divergent Series

I have NEVER…
Never failed a class, never had my ears pierced, I’ve never worn more than mascara.

3 pet peeves
- Slow walkers,
- when people crack their knuckles,
- when people make annoying noises

3 foods for a year, what would they be?
- Tacos,
- corn bread,
- seafood

If you won the lottery, what would you buy first?
Front row tickets to a Taylor Swift concert.

If I had 24 hours to live, I would...
Honestly I would be so worried about dying that I would waste all my time worrying about!

Fav class or teacher in HS. Why?

What are your after graduation plans? (college & major, work etc.)
Play on a women’s college hockey team.

And then a couple “would your rather” just because they are fun!

Would you rather
X never watch TV again
never use the internet again

Would you rather
never play
X always lose

Would you rather
X get caught with your fly unzipped
get caught singing in the car

Would you rather
X be able to read everyone’s mind
always know the future

And some favorites from her session!


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that she brought all her hockey equipment for studio shots!

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Nov 11 2014


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Happy Veteran’s Day! It was my honor to photograph Alex. He is active Army ROTC, home in Elgin on leave. He graduated from Michigan State University ROTC. He is currently an officer for the US Army stationed in Fort Stewart, George. He is EOD – Explosive Ordinance Disposal. He has been stationed in VA & FL. He is in his 2nd year of a 4 year active duty and then 4 years of reserve duty.

Although I didn’t photograph Alex when he was a senior, I did get to photograph his brother Ryan when he graduated. So it was nice to catch up with his mom and hear all about Ryan also! Alex’s session was held in his backyard in Elgin – we had to include 2 of his loves – his dog & his truck! We did not do any in uniform – his mom wanted more casual images. Here are some of his favorites!


Thank you for your service for our country Alex!

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