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Feb 19 2016

Lance ’16 Burlington Central High School

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Lance’s session was held last fall on a chilly day out at Muirhead’s Farmhouse in rural Plato Center.  I LOVE that he brought his dog and also his gun since trapshooting is a big part of his life and he even competes nationally in it!  We also went to the studio in Burlington for some images to highlight his scouting career (Eagle Scout wow!) and also more with his rifle.  GREAT images Lance!  Here is a  bit of trivia about Lance:

Favorite Candy:Take 5  Bars

Favorite Drink: Root Beer

3 foods for a year – what would they be?

Pizza, Crab Legs, Calamari
Dream Job? Orthodontist
3 pet peeves:
when people won’t stop talking
- pen clicking
- when people butt in on conversations
Unusual Talent or hobby I have: Trapshooting
Favorite place on Earth: Vienna, Austria<
Fav class or teacher in HS. Why? Mr. Mueller, he really cares about his students
Person I most want to meet: Ricky Fowler
Favorite Brand: Under Armour
Something I always have in my Purse/Pocket Phone

Favorite App on my phone: Messenger

Something I wish I was better at: not procrastinating

3 things no one knows about me:

- I have a great sense of humor

- I can bake a great pie

- I like to shop

My friends would describe me as: Loyal, funny, sarcastic

When I grow up I want to be: Orthodontist

What are your after graduation plans? (college & major, work etc.) College & major in biology

And here is some of his favorite images!

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